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K-9 katastrophy continued
the plan was to set a trap for the peppered pit and recover the famous painting. how to trap a foaming pitbull? simple with his favorite snack, dr pepper. mr. cat announced that there would be a free giveaway of dr pepper sodas at his cat condo. when the perky pit showed, it would be cat-tastrofy for him.

when the day came the C.B.I (cat bureau of investigation) paw swat team was assembled and ready. they were posted all over the cat condo compound of mr. cat ready to strike.

the dr. pepper was placed in buckets and looked quite tantalizing to a foaming pitbull, of this i am sure. when suddenly, out of nowhere a paw emerged.
first it was one paw and then another, one after the other they creeped up the drive. it was definitely a pitbull paw. the peppered pit was disguised as a maildog, can you believe it?

but mr. cat knew it was the sneaky dr. pepper pit. when the pit went for the bucket of refreshing soda, catchacthcacachacachabooooooooooooom!!!!!

the paw swat team struck with the giant cat paw net and guess what? they swooped up a peppered pitbull.

grrrrrrrr! grrrr! ruffff! dr.pepper pit let out a groan, he knew it was lights out for him.

dr. pepper soon confessed to the dastardly deed and revealed the whereabouts of the most precious cat-a-lisa painting.
mr. cat waved a claw finger at dr. pepper "crime doesn't pay" he said. "it's back to the pound for you dr. pepper where you will be cleaning cat litter boxes for the next 10 years"