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Adventure #1 - mr cat in k-9 catastrophy
It was a day like any other in feline village, when suddenly the cat phone rang. Alas, it was commissioner felino castro with a call for our cat heroine "mr cat" .

He cried out, "the famous tabby museum has been robbed, the famous catta lisa was stolen and a four legged fiend of the caninous gang left a paw print at the seen" . Mr cat was cool and collected as always, he told commissioner not to worry, that he was the cat for the case and that the caninous were no match for the wits of mr. cat. "What a fearless feline you are replied commissioner felino castro, we know that with you on the case we can rest assured that the catta lisa will be returned and that the canine villains will be behind kennel bars for felony feline".

Mr. cat raised a paw to whisker and pondered where to begin the search for the k-9 criminal, as he pondered he came to a quick conclusion that it had to be the villainous snake dr. pepper pitbull behind the theft. He was the only dog with the gumption to try and steal the catta lisa right out from under our little cat noses. Mr. cat grabbed his super sleuth kit and attempted to take some paw prints.

Aha! he exclaimed, he had lifted a paw print from the scene. He fed the paw print into his i-catpod and out popped a match. It was as expected, a paw print match with dr. pepper pitbull.

The fiend had recently escaped from the famous london tower dog pound and had stolen the famous catta lisa. mr. cat meoweeed outloud "i won't rest my little cat tail until dr.pepper pit is collared and returned to the pound". After a short catnap, mr. cat was soon back to work. click here for more k-9 catastrophy

Adventure #2 - Mr cat goes all in at the cat world series of poker against the denmark duo - - - -